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Strongcrete was started by Matthew Strong, as a concrete company in the early 2000's. After the housing market crash of '09, Mr. Strong added in excavation to their offerings to bid out packages more competitively as the market picked back up. By 2015 Strongcrete was considering bidding all their work in Jackson Hole as the economy had fully recovered in the luxury home buyer market with continued growth as Boomers retired and moved to the pristine landscape of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the surrounding Grand Teton Range.
The business has evolved over the years into a father & son venture specializing in luxury concrete and excavation, building progressive rustic modern homes in the Jackson Hole area for the discerning home buyer. Expertise lies in the architecturally diverse and self-developed proprietary rammed earth construction technique that is unique to them as well as to the marketplace in the Rocky Mountain Region. They've worked with major builders in Jackson Hole including Ward/Blake Architects, New West Construction Company, 2Oceans and on award winning projects having been featured in multiple print and online publications. Their custom work includes excavation, concrete, flooring, and landscaping that reflects the beauty of the natural surroundings of the area in which they work.
As an effort to attract more sophisticated buyers and work more exclusively with the top architects and builders in Jackson Hole and surrounding areas, I worked with Storngcrete on a proposed branding and marketing strategy to solidify Strongcrete's expertise within the Jackson Hole market as an exclusive provider of their specialty rammed earth layered concrete homes. 
These branding proposals were presented in two color schemes, with marketing focused around social media marketing and editorial content in the form of blog posts that could be pinned to Pinterest boards and within the app Houzz and pitched to high profile designers, influencers and architects.
The acronym for the blog in which they would share their most recent projects and educate their audience about the value of rammed earth homes was conceptualized as "the SRCE", establishing them as "The SOURCE" for all things specialty concrete and rammed earth. SRCE also is an acronym for "Strongcrete • Rammed earth • Concrete • Excavation" so it seemed fitting to market each area within an acronym that would be able to provide great content to help them connect with architects, builders and ultimately their customers.
Design proposal included photography, photo styling, a typographic scale, color scheme, as well as applicable logo design and transitions onto articles of clothing for the crew, car wraps for all company vehicles and equipment, and a website launch to establish an online presence. 
Marketing included a social media strategy that focused on generating original editorial content via their website weekly that could showcase a gallery of their work and have written blog posts documenting their process with both before, during and after photography including drone footage and time-lapse footage of their excavation and building work to post to the platforms Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Houzz for exposure. 
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