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Building an AI Product Feature with PMDojo Product Accelerator as a Product Manager over 10 Weeks.

Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I have been in various roles in advertising, branding & tech industries over the last 20 years. Recently I’ve had the opportunity as a product manager to build publicly on an AI Speech Coach Video Conferencing feature with a team of five other PM’s from initial product ideation through the product lifecycle to the launch of our product demo for beta release. Read more about my Journey in to Product Management and how that led to Product Managing with PMDojo on a technical AI product Proof of Concept.


Over the course of 10 weeks we built under stealth mode an AI product feature LOQUI with the PMDojo Product Accelerator .

LOQUI is an on-demand AI Speech Coach video conferencing integration that helps mid-career professionals working in the tech industry communicate better so that they can unlock career growth and level up at work.


In the problem space we learned that professionals currently practice their verbal communication in an often costly, manual and time-consuming way and aren't often aware of how to improve their communication.

Which led us to determine with our Founder the hypothesis of



In conducting our user surveys and user interviews we discovered a pattern that users often lack confidence while presenting, especially in a video conferencing environment.

That there is no way for users to receive timely, actionable and POSITIVE feedback when presenting while video conferencing.

Lastly that users don't always have visibility into audience engagement when presenting via video conferencing as they may be screen sharing, might not be hosting the meeting, or can’t see those they are presenting to face-to-face.



We found that qualified professionals are experiencing either language and/or psychological barriers which often leads to being passed over for growth opportunities because of challenges with confidence and verbal & vocal presence when communicating at work leading to lower self esteem, loss in potential earnings, and ultimately frustration that their efforts are going unseen due to a breakdown in communication efficacy.



Sam is a mid career professional. He's a multilingual speaker, and he needs to communicate in English at his work environment. But English is not his first language. He wants to get better at communication, so that he can grow in his career.

Sam is incredibly smart, a software engineer, and wants to unlock career growth. He has already tried practicing in front of the mirror, voice coaching (which is expensive), and still struggles with intonation, articulation, and communicating in a primarily English environment. Despite all his efforts and determination he was recently passed up for a promotion because others in his team still had a hard time understanding him.

Sam’s primary goals are to feel confident in expressing his ideas, to be understood by stakeholders, and to be respected and recognized for successes in the workplace that hopefully will lead to growth both in his career and in landing leadership level roles.



Sam has to present twice in a week. So he creates the content, practices it before his presentation and on the day of presentation and while presenting he feels nervous and anxious.

After the presentation, he is ruminating over his performance and if his message will be well received. As we can see, there are multiple opportunities where we can help Sam.

1️⃣ He lacks confidence while presenting.

2️⃣ He doesn't receive any actionable feedback during the after state or after the presentation.

3️⃣ He may not have anybody to encourage him while presenting.

4️⃣ When he is presenting, he doesn't know how engaged his audience is.

So there are multiple pain points here. But in order to make Sam feel confident and empower him, we prioritize our second pain point as the most viable product opportunity.

Loqui has been built out to be an extremely easy to use product as an API chrome extension for our users. Our user interface is intuitive and requires low learning to integrate within the video conferencing landscape which our target users are already familiar with.

Additionally, it has been built with integrations that are simple and concise so that he can focus on communicating clearly. Competitive advantages that are built into Loqui is that we are the only speech coach solution that offers positive and encouraging feedback that is also immediately actionable. This builds confidence with the user on-demand.

Our award winning AI focuses on letting us shine while allowing you to communicate better. Loqui’s market leading AI technology ensures customizable communication notes and actions actionable insights 100% of the time both during the presentation, as well as after the presentation in a quick summary report, and a detailed email summary report with meeting success metrics and suggested areas of improvement.



Early on in the solution formation we brainstormed, lightning jammed, and iterated ways the user would interface with the product. These included mockups both of how the feedback could be provided, and what feedback features to focus on for the MVP.

Next we produced low fidelity prototypes in Basalmiq, followed by a transition to Figma. We worked on user flows both for the front facing product and engineering flows, with an additional beta launch user flow for our landing page and product demo launch.

We ran sprint cycles with weekly stand-ups and retros both as a team, with our mentor, and with our developer. Each iterative sprint cycle helped us refine both the MVP and the feasibility and viability of the process.






As we were working with a Founder in stealth mode we had the benefit of having a brand and identity system with other adjacent products that we could work from in our mockups. This helped streamline the look and feel for Loqui both from a user interface and visual design within the video conferencing integration, but also in building out our supporting components of the MVP including the landing page design, the quick summary report & the detailed email summary report.

It was important that these design systems reflected the larger product ecosystem and could easily be tied back to our Founder’s core product dashboards both in user flow, and in user experience design.

We built our landing page, quick summary & detailed email summary as high-fidelity wireframes in Figma and passed off to our developer to develop in Bubble.






LOQUI is an on-demand AI Speech Coach video conferencing integration that helps mid-career professionals working in the tech industry communicate better so that they can unlock career growth and level up at work. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


  • We’ve learned that individuals who struggle with barriers to good communication whether it be psychological, emotional, physical, or linguistic, all seek to be understood and want to connect and communicate better.

  • Those individuals are highly interested in a product that would provide on-demand feedback that is POSITIVE so as to reduce anxiety and increase confidence while speaking or presenting at work.

  • Impact & results so far on Loqui:

  • 3.5/5 Live Feedback

  • 4.4/5 Quick Summary

  • 4.4/5 Detailed Insights Email Summary


Our high level PRD was delivered to our Founder (under NDA) for them to pass on to their engineering team. With the launch of the Proof of Concept MVP and Demo Reel we are excited to see this product come to fruition through each phase of the product roadmap and to be further tested in Beta Mode.



My biggest learnings in this 10 week cohort was to trust the process AND research who you want to learn product management from. I came in with a fair amount of imposter syndrome and like clockwork, our Founder, Bosky, knew how to manage the difficult emotions that come along with any career transition but especially one focused on product.

I learned to be true to my style of communication and to communicate early and often and to also lead and be confident in what I already knew, where I could provide value to my team, and in humbly learning where there were areas of product experience that needed refinement.

I did not expect during this time to be dealing with so much personal life circumstances and yet I still chose to push through with my responsibilities while maintaining my FT consulting & contract work, studying for the MBA and Learning & contributing in Web3 and managing two deaths in our family. It took a lot of vulnerability and many sleepless nights to make sure I was pulling my weight and supporting my team at PMDojo and I will be forever grateful for the friendships I made during our time in the accellerator together.

The anxiety I was managing in feeling that I just wasn’t cut our for this process transitioned as each week progressed and I could bring in my relevant knowledge and skills to the table. It became so rewarding and empowering to be working with the team that I was assigned to and to really be in a place of trusting, and forging wins both in our product and in each other’s lives as we worked through a difficult problem space.

It was amazing to be able to contribute past experience to my team through helping coordinate on user research and validation, understanding and writing and re-writing the problem statement, building user flows, working on engineering flows, conducting user interviews and user testing, aggregating the data that helped formulate our value proposition and differentiator.

As our team pushed forward with conducting competition analysis, finding that product differentiator, aligning on product vision and understanding our value proposition with messaging in building our GTM strategy all the pieces iteratively came together as we as a team worked long hours and sleepless nights to bring each sprint, standup, & retro together into an innovative MVP.

Our MVP and Proof of Concept was not only so exciting, but engaging in learning hands-on with an AI product and in the mentorship, the value stood just as much in the training and support while executing a strong and viable product market fit for the launch of our demo.

The biggest takeaway was continuing to challenge myself in the process of a product MVP, as I realized that even with my past experience in product design, our biases can still creep in and allow misalignment quickly. Being willing to negotiate and come to conclusions that create a perceived win across team members and within our tasks and responsibilities as well as considering our users and stake holders was such an experience to be able to take and apply in every iteration of the product life cycle.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had to not only build with exceptional team members under a stellar program, but to also be able to find ways to bring my relevant experience while supporting each team mates individual strengths and talents into the product accellerator that helped us create a rockstar Proof of Concept MVP in an emerging artificial intelligence technology.

I am also so grateful for Bosky, PMDojo’s founder who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to be a part of such an incredible cohort. When you are deep learning all the nuances of product sense and how to bring technical products to market, you start to really see in the space of tech, that there are a lot of PM’s that don’t follow the iterative process of diving in and truly discovering the most viable product. PMDojo’s personal brand and curriculum is clearly done with every nuanced attention to detail to not only create a great cohort experience, but to also teach so well what she already knows, how to build exceptional products in tech. The PMDojo Accellerator’s differentiator lies in the beauty of how the curriculum is structured, it’s diverse and inclusive student body, it’s values and alignment on opportunity and accessibility in tech and that real-world experience that is a user experience for her student Fellows that is defining in the industry.

Thank you Bosky for ushering in another great Cohort through PMDojo’s product. I can’t wait to continue to be involved as a mentor and to partake in future alumni trainings.



I’m so excited to announce that after seven months of work in web3, and the completion of PMDojo’s product accellerator with the launch of our Proof of Concept, I accepted a position in a blockchain organization that specializes in creating frictionless user experiences in the blockchain, crypto and web3 ecosystem.

The role I’ll be stepping into is DAO Lead. I will be leading the decentralization product & community operations of our current ecosystem both with users and community that supports our current product verticals. With this role I’ll be taking my design, growth, BD, and product experience and building and MVD (Minimum Viable DAO), that will serve the community of the organization in building and accelerating our vision and initiatives globally in the blockchain space in a decentralized governance infrastructure that will foster passion, building and delightful community and user experiences in the web3 product landscape.

You can connect with me online at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriennemoench/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adriennemoench/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HKHxgyEExQ

Work: https://www.biconomy.io/


LEARN MORE about PMDojo and their product accellerator program. I would highly recommend joining a cohort if you are curious about transitioning into a product led role and am so grateful for my experience with Bosky and each or my teammates, our mentor (A Sr. TPM from Amazon, and our founder we were building for). Visit their website and connect on LinkedIn to learn more.

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